The GcmF story goes back to growing up in Melbourne, Australia in the 70’s with an Italian father who learned the art of tailoring in 1950's Rome, and an Italian mother who loved fashion and insisted on making her 3 daughters fabulous frocks for special and everyday occasions- I loved my father’s atelier, and taught myself to sew at around 8.

Fast-forward 28 years (and a lot of homemade clothing and accessories later), and this inherited technique/passion finally led to a Degree in Fashion Technology at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia); which resulted in various prizes and accolades. Upon completion, I worked in the local fashion industry until I decided that the fast-fashion way was not for me. I love designing, making, being part of the whole process. My dedication to sustainable and ethical practice is paramount when designing and manufacturing: the mission is to also make consumers more aware and say NO to fast fashion.

GcmF is my label (Gabriella Chiara Maria Ferrante), and I design and make all of my bags. I like simple design. I like seeing and feeling leather, no gimmicks and no hard interiors. I like the way leather moves, changes and stretches as it is used, and I try to design with this in mind- some people comment that the handles sometimes stretch when they have put something heavy in their A Bag; I say that that is perfect, and also my intention: this bag comes from animal hide and of course it stretches, and moves, because it’s natural. It develops into something different, and that is the beauty of nature and natural materials- always changing and becoming beautiful in a new way.

Although born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I love to move around and explore new cultures and countries. Over the past 20 years I have made London, Italy (Firenze, Roma, Foggia), Sydney, Berlin and Byron Bay my home at some point along the way.

GcmF is currently based back in Berlin.