GcmF is trying to help reduce the vast amounts of toxic waste, landfill and pollution created by the fashion industry, and especially that of leather production.

Although the changes are small, they are nonetheless effective:

  • GcmF uses leather offcuts and recycled leather where possible. Recently GcmF has found an amazing family-run German leather supplier that has only locally sourced leather and nearly 100% of it is certified "Blue Angel" leather.
  • Instead of the usual toxic leather cement used by most leather workers, GcmF uses a water-based, non-toxic adhesive.
  • All bag interiors are treated with a special GcmF handmade non-toxic paste that stops shedding.
  • All bags are made by Gabriella Ferrante in a Berlin atelier. No cheap imports. No mass production. No slave labour........ From me, to you.